Nearly  5 MILLION Californians LIVE within 1 mile of an  active oil or gas site.

A majority of these residents are from low-income or Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities – a testament to the reality of environmental racism in California today.

Photo: Tara Pixley for Earthjustice

Is There an Active Oil or Gas Site Near You?

Is there an active oil or gas site near you? | ¿Hay un sitio de gas o petróleo activo cerca a tu hogar?

Neighborhood oil drilling is linked to devastating health impacts, including asthma, cancers, high-risk pregnancies, and now a higher chance of a more serious case of COVID-19. Use this tool below to find out more about active oil and gas sites polluting your community. | La extracción del gas y petróleo en barrios ha sido vinculado con impactos dañinos a la salud pública, incluso el asma, los cánceres, los embarazos de alto riesgo, y ahora un alto riesgo para un caso serio de COVID-19. Use esta herramienta para encontrar más información sobre los sitio de gas y petróleo activos que contaminan tu comunidad.


Voices In Solidarity Against Oil In Neighborhoods

VISION formed to bring together community groups and allies who are concerned with the impact of oil and gas extraction on communities in Kern and Los Angeles Counties.